DSA Purpose


Data Sharing Alzheimer is a project for sharing data from clinical studies databases. The aims of this project are to improve knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease by increasing the exploitation of clinical data from AD studies and to encourage collaborative work. In this way, the DSA group grants access to clinical databases and provides methodological and statistical support when required.

The DSA project plans to open access to epidemiological studies and prevention trials, once the study is approved by the steering committee. If you want to propose a database on DSA platform, please contact us at Info.u1027-dsa@inserm.fr

DSA Process overview

The access to data is proposed to all researchers after approval of their research project by the scientific committee of DSA.

Process In 4 Steps:

❶ Application

Researchers need first to register through this website and fill in the data access application corresponding to the study of interest.

At the end of the application, researchers have to provide their commitment to respect the data use condition.


Project will be evaluated according to technical, scientific and ethical (if needed) considerations with respect of confidentiality.

Data Access

Once approval obtained, the data set is transmitted with useful documentation : the data dictionary and CRF (when available)

All data set transmitted are anonymised (definitively de-identified).

Follow up

DSA group monitors the status of approved projects. A feedback is requested to DSA users in order to complete our information about project advancement and the publication status. With the consent of users, general and non-confidential information is made available in the Project section of this website.

The DSA group has written a charter that defines the rules allowing access to DSA data. For more information the Charter and related document are available in the corresponding section of this website.

Initiative of DSA project:

Following initiative of Prof. Bruno Vellas, head of the Gerontopole in Toulouse University Hospital and founder of the European Alzheimer Disease Consortium, the DSA project is directed by Prof. Sandrine Andrieu professor of epidemiology and public health at the Toulouse university school of medicine and head of the UMR 1027 INSERM Research Unit and the “Aging and Alzheimer Disease” team. This project is managed by Stéphanie Savy.


This project was launched with financial support from AMPA “Association Monégasque Pour le recherche sur la Maladie d’Alzheimer”.


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